Emmerich Fashion

In 2008 Emmerich Fashion was founded by Holger Emmerich as a sister company to already established eyewear distribution company Emmerich Exclusivbrillen. The mission statement for Emmerich Fashion is to design, produce and distribute unique eyewear design creations with the highest quality only.
Headquarters are located in Germany close to Dortmund, where currently 45 people are working in order to fulfill the mission statement and to give customer best possible service. This location is also used as the European central stock facility, with the possibility to serve customers worldwide.

Contact details

Emmerich Fashion GmbH
Gahlenfeldstraße 27 A       
58313 Herdecke

Phone:  +49 2330 6062-120
Fax:      +49 2330 6062-121

E-mail: export(at)emmerich-fashion.com
E-mail: info(at)emmerich-fashion.com

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